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Your favorite teachers from Rancho Family Medical Group have great workouts you can do from home.

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Looking for a low impact cardio workout? This class is perfect for you! It is a great way to improve cardiovascular strength as well as muscle strength for both men and women. You will be learning simple, but fun dance routines that involve styles such as, Salsa, Cha-Cha, and much more.

Line Dancing

Line dancing is a great way to exercise your mind and body while getting to listening to a wide array of music (not limited to just country). Dance is one of the types exercises that has been proven to help improve your memory and your mood. How could you not be happy listening to great music and hanging out with some wonderful people. Put on your dancing shoes and come join us for this engaging class!


This All Levels Gentle Flow Yogaclass will allow you to take the time to breathe and feel your body move in the best ways possible. Yoga has been proven to show enhancements in flexibility, muscle strength, bone health, and overall mood. Sometimes we forget the importance relaxation and a stress-free environment has on our overall health.  If you are new to yoga or are wishing to continue your practice, this class is this perfect place to start.

strength & Balance

As we age, a huge functional component of health that begins to decline is balance. This class will start to help build muscles in places like your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders to help increase balance and coordination. No need to worry about losing stability during the class, we will have chairs placed out to provide that extra comfort until you feel at ease without it.

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