Rancho Family & Medicare

Rancho Family Medical Group accepts most major Medicare & Medicare Advantage Plans.

Insurances Accepted

If you do not see your insurance plan listed, please call us directly. We can help!

Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna: Medicare Select
Alignment: My Choice
Anthem Blue Cross: MediBlue Select (HMO), MediBlue Plus|Blue Shield: 65 Plus
Easy Choice (WellCare): Best Plan
Health Net: Gold Select, Health Heart
Humana: Gold Plus, Community
Inter Valley Health Plan: Service to Seniors
SCAN: Classic, Heart First
United Healthcare/AARP Medicare Complete Secure Horizons: Plan 1, Plan 2, Focus

Medi-Medi Plans

Alignment: Cal Plus Plan
Anthem Blue Cross: MediBlue Coordination Plus
Blue Shield Promise: Coordinated Choice Plan
Easy Choice (WellCare): Plus Plan
Health Net: Sapphire, Sapphire Premier
Humana: Community
SCAN: Connections, Plus
United Healthcare/AARP Medicare Complete: Assure

Who is Eligible for Medicare?

  1. You are turning 65 AND either you or your spouse have worked and paid Medicare taxes for 10 years or 40 quarters.
  2. Under 65 BUT with a disability, ALS, or End Stage Renal Disease
  3. You are over 65, but are deciding to retire and come off of your employer coverage.

Part A, B, C, and D of Medicare


In-patient Hospital stays, skilled nursing and home healthcare are covered through Part A if you have worked for 10 years paying into Social Security. if less than 10 years, a partial premium may apply.


This includes medical attention outside of the hospital including doctor visits, labs, equipment and more. A typical monthly premium can be as low as $134.  Monthly costs vary per insurance and per situation.


Medicare Advantage is your all-inclusive medical plan. What you get is Part A, Part B, Prescription drugs, and many plans even include vision, hearing, and dental for the same low monthly premium (listed in part B with no additional cost).  The best part is as your community doctors, we manage all of this for you!


You only need Part D if you choose Original Medicare (Part A & B only). Medicare Advantage(Part C) includes Part D with no extra cost. If you choose Original Medicare, you will pay for a separate Part D drug plan. Prices will vary on medications and monthly premiums.

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