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Switching Made Easy

We want the switch to our group to be as easy as possible. Below are some steps to follow,

HMO Patients Only


1. Call your Insurance Company

We know, it's not fun. Unfortunately, we cannot call for you. Your insurance card should have a member service or customer service line listed.

2. Ask if Regal medical group is under your plan

What is Regal Medical Group? Regal is an Independent Physician Association (IPA) that helps us manage the care of our HMO patients by helping us build contracts with the hospitals, specialists, and insurance companies.

3. Request one of our doctors.

If the physician you are looking for is not showing up, please call (951) 225 – 6807 to get more information. Some physicians are only listed at one of their practicing locations. For example, if you are looking to see Dr. Madrid in our Hemet office, but your insurance only has him listed in Menifee, it is okay to assign your card to him at our Menifee location. All of our offices are connected so we would be happy to still book your appointment with him in Hemet.

still having issues? call us and we can help

Still experiencing issues, Feel free to call (951) 225 – 6807 and we would be happy to call your insurance company with you to ensure that everything goes through correctly.

PPO & Supplement Plans


1. We accept all Medicare Supplement plans.

You do not need to contact your insurance to switch. Call our office to set up an appointment for a new pt. visit whenever you would like.

2. Verify you are "in-network" to avoid higher costs.

For Commercial, Covered CA, or Employer PPO plans, call the customer or member services number on your insurance card to verify.

3. Give the representative our Tax I.D.

The insurance representative will ensure our doctors are in your insurance Network. Give them the number below when prompted. Individual company.
Tax ID Code - 33-0595495
UCSD Affiliate Tax ID Code - 83-2323121

still having issues? call us and we can help

Still experiencing issues, Feel free to call (951) 225 – 6807 and we would be happy to call your insurance company with you to ensure that everything goes through correctly.


Most frequent questions and answers...

About Hospitals

Loma Linda Murrieta, Rancho Springs Medical Center, Inland Valley Medical center, Temecula Valley Hospital

  • Unfortunately, not all doctors are able to make visits to the hospitals for patients anymore. Hospitals hire third-party physicians to round on patients as they are admitted.
  • We do not use their third-party doctors but instead have hired our own providers employed by Rancho Family Medical Group. Our providers round at all of our contracted hospitals in the valley and are able to access your medical records while communicating with your doctor exactly what is going on with your health. They can also submit prescriptions and referrals for you from the hospital.
  • The continuity of care is better when we stay involved in the inpatient (hospital) side as well as the outpatient (clinic)
  • For HMO Patients: Since you are assigned to us through insurance, the staff knows to call our team and inform us you have been admitted because your insurance card lists our doctor.
  • For PPO Patients: You have to inform the staff you are our patient. Since you are not assigned to us by insurance the hospital will not know. Just let them know you are a patient of Rancho Family Medical and ask them to inform our hospitalist you are there.

About Your network

Regal Medical Group (Alternate names: Heritage Provider Network, Lakeside, ADOC)

Independent Physician Association. Regal Medical Group helps up manage the care of our HMO patients by providing the specialty network, hospitals, and insurance contracts on the HMO side. They also provide the structure for our referral systems approval and denial process.

Regal’s specialty network is ever-changing (Contracts end and new ones are put into place) which means it would be difficult to keep an accurate list at all times. To avoid passing out false information we do not have a setlist, but we would be happy to let you know who we are contracted with as of today. Just let us know what specialty you are concerned about and I can pull up all of the options.

About Insurance

Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • Aetna
  • Alignment (Not the Platinum Plan)
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield & Blue Shield Promise
  • WellCare (Formerly Easy Choice)
  • Healthnet
  • Humana
  • Golden State Health Plan
  • Intervalley Health Plan
  • SCAN
  • United Healthcare


Commercial HMO:

Patients will need to call the insurance company based off individual lines of coverage to make sure we are “in-network”. They just need to ask for Regal and one of our physicians. Due to the sheer amount of different individual plans, we do not have a setlist. (Not a comprehensive list)

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Healthnet
  • Humana
  • United Healthcare


Medicare Supplements:

 (We take straight Medicare so we can pretty much take any supplemental plan. Often referred to as a Medicare PPO, which is incorrect. There is no more Medicare PPO’s in Riverside county for 2020) (Not a comprehensive list)

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Mutual of Omaha Insurance
  • Physicians Mutual Insurance CO
  • Blue Shield of CA
  • Humana
  • Healthnet
  • United Healthcare

Covered California:

We do not take any Blue Shield HMO, but we can take Blue Shield PPO for Covered CA. Plans we do accept:

  • Healthnet HMO & PPO
  • Molina HMO & PPO

No, we are no longer accepting Medi-Cal patients.

Since there are so many PPO options, we do not have a set list, but I can pass along the two tax ID codes that we list those contracts under. The insurance company you’re with should be able to tell you if we are in-network with either of these codes

Rancho Tax ID: 33-0595495

UCSD Affiliate Tax ID: 83-2323121

Yes, but only if it meets the requirements below.

  • Must be assigned to a PCP or a medical group.
  • If the card says “See your Medicare doctor”, we cannot accept that style
  • Must use one card for both their Medicare + Medi-cal. If they are separate cards then we cannot accept it. Examples of companies that offer the Medi-Medi we take:
    • United Healthcare
    • SCAN
    • Healthnet
    • IEHP Dual Enrollment Plan
    • Molina Dual Options
  • Patients can only be seen by us once they assign to Regal and one of our doctors.
    • If you do not meet the requirements above, please contact your current Medicare broker to get you on a plan we take
    • If you do not have a Medicare broker, we can refer you to one.
    • Patients on Medicare + Medi-cal can change their insurance plan every 3 months.
  • You can be assigned to another physician in our group if they come up as an option. Even if they assign you to one location, you can always request to go to another.
    • Example: I am assigned to Menifee; can I go to Hemet? YES
  • Some of our physicians see patients at multiple locations.

About UCSD

Our partnership with UC San Diego Health has spanned four years and we’re proud to say we are their exclusive primary-care partner in Southwest Riverside County. Below are the benefits of this close partnership.

  • Our physicians participate in regular educational events hosted by UCSD’s sub-specialists.
  • Our patients have direct access to their academic hospital in La Jolla if they cannot be cared for in this area.
  • We are on the same Electronic Health Record system, so we can easily exchange notes on patients.
  • We are regularly meeting with their leadership team on how to improve healthcare in this area.
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